We’re All Mad Here

We celebrated our first ticketed event by going entirely bonkers…as all the best people do. Once our guests agreed to follow the rabbit down the hole, they were welcomed into Wonderland, where they could embrace the chaos that is a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Amidst the party: flamingo mallets were swinging, treats were tasted, and there were many a mad hatter jigging on the dance floor. Our guests experienced the full wonderland experience  filled with all the muchness that could be imagined. Even our specialty wines, Mayhem  and Pandemonium, which were graciously served to the well-dressed attendees, fit the theme of the night. Everything was complete nonsense, in the best possible way. We can’t wait for the next one!



Get Down on it!

We had a blast boogieing down with all the foxy mamas and cool cats at our Studio 54 party! Disco balls, glittery treats, and roller skates galore…we got down to the same respects as the original Studio 54 party goers. With our wonderful DJ playing all the classic tunes, it was easy for everyone to get into the mood and all be the dancing queens and kings of the night. Thank you to everyone that came down to get struck by the night fever!